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Thomas LED Battens now in stock!

We have recently invested heavily in new LED lighting fixtures expanding our existing range of Thomas LED floorcans and supplementing these with the new Thomas PixelLine1044 LED batten

PixelLine is an 18 cell linear batten 1.2metres/ 4 foot long, designed to produce a 20 degree seamless wash of light with no ‘hotspots’ when rigged end to end. The unit harnesses 1044 LEDs (hence the name!) mapped into 18 pixel ‘cells’. 

Coverage up to 6.5metres/ 20 feet from the unit is possible or, due to the cool running temperature, close up illumination of delicate set pieces is possible without risk of fire of burning. 

Another advantage is the low power consumption typical of LED fixtures, with PixelLine 1044 consuming a meagre 165 watts on full intensity, and only 7 watts at blackout.

The PixelPar 90 contains 30, red, green and blue 1 watt Luxeon emitters, configured into a hexagonal array. Designed to run as a silent, convection cooled unit, the fixture is also fully self contained. The PixelPar 90 has a maximum power consumption of only 95 watts on full intensity and 3 watts on blackout/ standby and like the 1044 can be used in close proximity illumination

This high output fixture is capable of producing white light, subtle hues and even the most saturated and vibrant of primary and secondary colours. 

The PixelPar 90 is a fully self contained fixture capable of running up to 600+ internal colour sequences, with two groups of 24 internal chases. Various attributes can be controlled from the on board user interface, located at the back of the unit. It can also be controlled via DMX from a separate control desk.

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