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Welcome to Stagepoint Set Design....


The Company

Our set design and construction company complements our other services allowing us to offer a totally integrated package comprising all of the facilities required for a production

In addition to set construction, we also undertake design and construction of special build projects

Complete sets and various individual items (e.g. lecterns, desks and furniture) are available on a dry-hire basis if required

The Workshop

Wall Saw

All of our sets are designed and built in-house in our well-equipped workshop. This allows us to maintain complete quality control throughout the whole process and a consistency of manufacturing standards.

Following heavy investment in new plant and machinery, we have probably one of the best manufacturing facilities in the Midlands.


Bench Saw

The Result

Clients have the option of using one of our reasonably- priced Stock Sets which can be lit in a variety of different ways for varying looks, or opt for a custom designed set where budget allows.

Even stock sets can be customised to an extent by combining different features with standard-size panels.

The picture opposite shows one of our popular stock sets which has been enhanced by incorporating four concave columns, oversize logos and additional lighting.


For more ambitious projects we can produce custom-designed sets to a client's exact brief. Before committing to the final design, we offer a preliminary design to approve artwork in the form of a computer visualisation - fully rendered to simulate approximate lighting conditions.

Initial Design

Computer Visualisation

Actual Finished Set

Once the visual has been signed-off work begins on constructing the various elements of the set which are covered in the appropriate material and then polythene-wrapped for storage and transport.

On site, our experienced stage crew assemble the elements to form the finished set.


In addition to sets for use in conjunction with our other production services, we also design and construct sets and scenery for hire or sale.

The picture opposite shows the set for a theatrical production of "Yeoman of the Guard" at the Swan Theatre, Stratford Upon Avon.

The set design included Steeldeck staging units at a height of 3 metres (10 ft) to form a walkway and painted pre-formed panels to give the effect of stonework.


As with other areas of Stagepoint, quality is of paramount importance. All of our sets and scenery are constructed from fully fire-proofed and certified materials by trained and experienced craftsmen.

Similarly, on site, all of our crews are experienced stage carpenters who are used to the pressures of working to absolute deadlines to produce a first-class product.

Other Services

In addition to building sets and scenery, we also design and build a variety of lecterns and other special projects, both for sale and hire

The latest special build project was to fabricate two giant "books" to be used as part of the Government's new literacy initiative. Click here for further details

To see the various designs of lecterns available, please click here


For details of some recent special-build items, please click here

For further information and details of our stock sets and lecterns please contact us on 01926 484 591

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  • Steeldeck staging for AutoSport Live!

  • Screens and PA supplied for Birmingham film festival

  • PA supplied for large fund-raising event

  • LED lighting brightens up the room

  • RevoStage system still proving popular for schools and drama groups

  • Installation department busy in Birmingham and Warwick

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We have no permanent vacancies at the moment but are always looking for Freelance crew.

Click here for further details



We are committed to providing a full Work Experience training programme for one or two weeks duration, and have strong links with many local schools or colleges.

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