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Welcome to Stagepoint Graphics....
Cutting edge software:

3D Studio Max 7

Adobe Photoshop CS

Adobe Illustrator CS

Adobe Acrobat 7

SignPal Expert 7

ACE at work

Following significant expenditure on new equipment and office space, our new Graphics Studio is now fully operational and able to produce 3-dimensional fully rendered visualisations, walk-throughs and animations.

This is a useful selling tool for clients who no longer have to interpret line drawings but instead can see a detailed impression of exactly how their event will look, even down to the lighting effects and room features.

In addition to the visuals we can also produce vinyl graphics using our new vinyl cutter. Designs up to 1000mm wide can be produced and mounted onto Foamex board, acrylic panels or directly onto PVC covered sets if required. These are ideal for set logos, lectern front logos or other general event signage.

Other services offered by the Graphics studio are general design work, set painting and event photography.

Please contact graphics@stagepoint.co.uk for more details


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